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Logos for Big Brands, Now on Low Budget

We are proud to have worked with great brands, many of which you will recognize. And we believe that it is possible to design or redesign a great brand for your project. Furthermore, we believe in offering you a fair price so that the design price is not an obstacle to grow your business.

In short: we want to help you extract the maximum potential from your business at an affordable cost!

brand creation for Hans Svenning
Lironda Emotional Branding Strategy

Lironda Brand Design

Board design with happy face
Brand Book and guidelines

Brand Book and guidelines

logo scalability

Logo and brand research and technical analysis

branding application in context
Myers Logo Design

Myers Logo

Courvelle brand design . Packaging Sample
Coach Marks Usability Research

User Interface Research and Testing

Branding and Packaging
Volume Studios Brand Design. Brand Application
Branding Development for Dorve
Gooden logo designer

Logo Design and pictorial marks

Booklet and Reports Design

Booklet and Reports Design

Branding development: UI mobile screens

App interfaces

Event Poster

Event Posters

Cyber Centaurs Landing Page Web Design
Volume Studios Logo Design. Brand Application on CD Sleeve

Album Covers

Great Logo Examples

Brand design generally begins with just a logo or symbol. This symbol should be easy to recognize at first glance, but also tell a story. What is the concept behind the brand? What values are you trying to communicate? How does it resonate in the head of each user? Good brand building leaves nothing to chance. And this is just the beginning of a great story!

How about you let us count yours?


Animal Nest Brand Design
Baldi Logo design
CC branding agency
Gooden logo designer
Zun Zun logo design
Volume logo symbol
TypeIt brand design
Schafer brand identity
SCRA brand creation
Quasar logo creation
Myers brand development
Howell logo and brand agency
Harris Design Agency Logo
Hasom Branding
Hans Svenning
haas brand design
Institutional brand development for Roma
Flameon brand development and web design

Design Your Plan

We have a plan for every need. From just logo creation to full branding development and everything in between, including naming, packaging, brand strategy, web design and many more.

We have a team of highly specialized branding experts, which includes designers, developers, psychologists, UX masters, community managers, SEO experts and more!

Starter Pack

Logo Only.
Recommended for small businesses

  • 1 logo versionQuestion
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • Level A DesignerQuestion
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Presentation in ContextQuestion
Get your logo now!

PRO Pack

Logo Only.
Recommended for medium size businesses

  • 3 logo versions to chooseQuestion
  • Up to 5 revisions
  • Level A+ DesignerQuestion
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Design Presentation in Context
  • 5 days delivery
Get your logo now!

Starter Brand

Brand Creation.
Recommended for any business size

  • 3 logo versions to choose
  • Up to 5 revisionsQuestion
  • Level A+ DesignerQuestion
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Presentation in Context
  • Stationery DesignQuestion
  • Brand Guidelines BookQuestion
  • Up to 14 days delivery

Brandelk Pro

Brand Creation or Rebranding
Recommended for any business size

  • Up to 5 logo versions to chooseQuestion
  • Unlimited brand revisions
  • Level A+++ Brand ExpertQuestion
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Presentation in Context
  • Stationery Design
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • User Testing with Focus GroupsQuestion
  • Mobile UI or Web DesignQuestion
  • Social Media Design (Image and Video)Question


Whatever you need, customized to your needs!
Recommended for any business size

  • As many logo versions as needed
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Choose Designer
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Presentation in Context
  • Any Design Type
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • Any Kind of Testing
  • Any Special Request


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