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Custom Brand Development and Visual Identity for your Business

Custom Brand Development

With this option, you choose your Custom Brand Strategy and get in control of your branding design needs. We use a data driven approach to visual identity. This way, we can guarantee results based on objective data extracted from research with real users.

We understand your brand strategy may need special care and customization.

Also, we know that you may prefer to chat with a professional in order to understand which options are available to boost your visual identity.

No matter what you need, we can develop a custom branding design service that fits your exact needs.

This could go from naming process to growth hacking, from visual identity to complex marketing campaigns. And everything in between.

As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this page there are high chances you found it from our growth hacking strategy (50,000 visitors and counting)

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity
Visual identity and brand strategy development for Volume

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

The core of this branding design package is: You’ll be able to choose from a wide array of services. And customize them to your specific needs.

However, we recommend to go further than just visual identity. Most important brand strategies (probably over 90%, obviously counting only professional design agencies) rely on just giving you some nice images, a great logo, some application guidelines and that’s it.

Strictly speaking, there’s nothing wrong about that. It’s Visual Identity 101.

But we are part of a conglomerate of companies dedicated to different branches of design and development. Our mother company is Dorve UX, a company that works with some of the most important companies in the world.

And being a subsidiary of a major UX company, we use a data driven approach to problems. This means that we try not to carry out brand strategies that do not use data obtained from research with real users.

We fall in love with our designs, like any design agency. And we can make you fall in love with your new brand identity. But if your brand doesn’t make users fall in love with it … what’s the point?

A quick Google search can show all the branding or rebranding processes that cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars and were a total failure.

We don’t want that for your brand strategy. And so, we rely on objective data, as much as we can get.

Branding Design Services

Branding Design: Cyber Centaurs brand strategies
Branding Design: Stationery design as part of brand strategies developed to position Cyber Centaurs in its market.

As we mentioned above, you can choose from a wide array of services. Please note that these are not the only ones we can provide. Instead, these are the ones Brandelk directly provides. Our sister companies can help you with many other areas.

  • As many logo versions as needed
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Choose Designer
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Presentation in Context
  • Any Branding Design Type
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • Any Kind of Testing
  • Any Special Request

Unlimited versions

While we prefer NOT to do multiple versions for you to choose, we’ll do as many versions as needed until you’re completely satisfied. We understand that some design agencies offer two or even three versions, but that’s usually because they don’t know what the client wants. Sometimes because they don’t use a brief, sometimes because of lack of research.

We research and define the perfect version based on your needs (described by you, and analyzing your competition). But if you feel you’ll be better with more options to choose from, we will do them.

Just in case: we create one version of the logo. If you don’t like it, we create another. And if needed, a third version and so on.

Unlimited revisions

Once you get your branding design, you can request unlimited revisions on the visual identity (logo, stationery, web design), including colors, fonts, some element to be changed and so on.

Please keep in mind the revisions are only over the logo or website design version you chose. However, if we test with users and notice the results aren’t satisfying, we may recommend to do another revision or even starting from scratch.

Choose Your Brand Designer

You can rely on our agency working as a team, or you can choose the specific designer you want, based on design examples. The designer will be enirely dedicated to your brand strategies. However, our team will take part on tasks to alleviate the work (research, social media or any other task that may help)

Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS

Unlike many other design agencies, we provide the sources for your Brand identity design. This mean you can edit them, use them in any kind of application or do whatever you want to do with them. In short: we don’t take your brand as hostage, it’s completely yours!

Presentation in Context

We’ll present your brand in context. For example, if you want stationery design, we will show how it looks on a personal card. If you also want it for use in digital media, we’ll show you how it looks as part of an app, or a website. This way, you’ll know EXACTLY how your logo design or visual identity works on any environment.

Branding design presentaion in context

Any Branding Design Type

Brand strategies are never isolated. On most brand strategies, you’ll need to use a variety of media. Website design, social media presence, physical branding (stands, shops, displays), audio branding design and many more. We can provide each and every branding design type you may need, for almost any purpose you need it.

Brand Strategy Guidelines Book

We’ll give you a complete book of how to use your brand, which tone to use for all types of communications, which colors, which fonts, how to use each elements on any environment and so on. It also includes a brief detail of the research we made (although you’ll get a FULL detail of the research in an additional report).

With this book, you’ll be able to provide different service providers with an accurate description of each element of your brand strategies and visual identity.

Any kind of testing

Brand Strategies: Heatmap Research

Your brand strategy will be tested again and again with multi-cultural, multi-language focus groups. From the initial visual identity to your brand perception, to the results of our work. This includes full user research for web and mobile (usability, accessibility, speed, security, etc)

Any special request

Not all brand strategies are the same. Not all brands have the same needs. Do you have any special request or need? From marketing strategy to technical issues, from hosting to search engine optimization (SEO), from growth hacking campaigns to full brand strategies, we have you covered.

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