Starter Brand: Your first brand identity design is awaiting!

$1,500.00 $1,200.00

Brand identity design package

In the Brand identity design package, you get the following:

  • Up to 3 logo versions
  • Up to 5 revisions
  • Level A+ Designer
  • Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS
  • Presentation in Context
  • Stationery Design
  • Brand Identity Guidelines Book
  • Up to 14 days Delivery


Brand identity design: for companies that are growing and need a professional image.

You get a full branding designed with the highest quality standards. The type of identity that will make your brand stand apart of your competitors. The same type of brand identity design that a world-class company gets, only at an affordable cost for any pocket.

This is radically different to logo only package . Here, you set the tone of your brand, and you get a complete guidance on how to develop such brand in a coherent way, in a multiplicity of media and environments.

The Brand identity design package is recommended for companies that are in a growth process, or need a brand identity design (or redesign) for their businesses.

Just in case you came from an external source and want to see samples, you can check our brand design portfolio

Brand Identity vs Logo Design

Just in case you’re wondering what’s the difference between brand identity design and just logo design, we can summarize the differences as follow:

Logo Design

As the name implies, logo design is just the design of a logo. Of course, when we talk about logo, just think about any kind of logo type. For example, the most common types of logos are: Abstract, Monogram, Lettermark, Wordmark. Pictorial, Mascot, Emblem or Combination.

In this case, a logo works as a visual identification of your business. You can use this visual identification on web sites, apps, stationery and so on. You could also use it in packaging (however, there are some restrictions we’ll see down below).

The important thing is: a logo design is the design of a single visual piece, without further implications on the brand.

Brand Design

The brand design starts with a logo. But then, it evolves. It explores all types of communication with the user, from visual to communication tone, customer experience (CX), colors and fonts to use, how to use the logo, how to integrate it in differenet physical and digital environments…

Some typical examples for companies needing a complete brand design (or redesign) are:

  • when you have a strong social media presence, and you want to provide guidelines for the communication tone of your community managers
  • or when you need to provide an identity for your physical business
  • the times when you create advertisement and need to transmit the spirit of your brand
  • or when you need packaging and need to provide guidelines to packaging designers

…and these are just some of the most common ones!

In short: the design of your brand identity is global and includes all types of communications with your users


Brand identity design Package Details

In the Brand identity design package, you get the following:

Up to 3 logo versions

While we prefer NOT to do multiple versions for you to choose, in this package you have this option. We’re professionals and we’ll offer you a version that will satisfy the requirements of a design brief you’ll complete. We understand that some designers offer two or even three versions, but that’s because they don’t know what the client wants, usually because they don’t use a brief, or because of lack of research.

We research and define the perfect version based on your needs (described by you, and analyzing your competition). But if you feel you’ll be better with more options to choose from, we will do them. Just in case: we create one version of the logo. If you don’t like it, we create another. And if needed, a third version.Brand identity design

Up to 5 revisions

Once you get your logo, you can request up to 5 revisions, including colors, fonts, some element to be changed and so on. You can ask for several things at the same time, and they will count as a single revision. Please keep in mind the revisions are only over the logo version you chose.

Level A+ Designer

We have many different designers. All of them are professionals and experienced. However, we all have different degrees of experience. A Level A+ Designer is a designer with up to 5 years of experience and a graphic design degree (or equivalent), or a talented designer with no degree but with more than 5 years of experience.

On top of this, A+ Designers are supervised by a A++ Project Manager Designer used to work with international brands and at least 10 years of experience.

Sources in .AI, .PDF or .EPS

Unlike many other design agencies, we provide the sources for your Brand identity design. This mean you can edit them, use them in any kind of application or do whatever you want to do with them. In short: we don’t take your brand as hostage, it’s completely yours!

Presentation in Context

We’ll present your brand in context. For example, if you want stationery, we will show how it looks on a personal card. If you also want it for use in digital media, we’ll show you how it looks as part of an app, or a website. This way, you’ll know EXACTLY how your logo design works on any environment.

Stationery Design

We’ll design your stationery and provide the correct files you’ll need to take to a print shop. This may include up to 6 items. For example: business cards, letterheads, office paper, engraving, stamps, labels, etc.

Brand identity design

Brand Guidelines Book

We’ll give you a complete book of how to use your brand, which tone to use for all types of communications, which colors, which fonts, how to use each elements on any environment and so on. It also includes a brief detail of the research we made (although you’ll get a FULL detail of the research in an additional report)

14 days delivery

We guarantee up to 14 days delivery. This guarantee covers OUR time of work. It doesn’t cover time between feedback, weekends and our local festivities and holidays (just for your reference, we’re in Argentina, you can see our holidays here)



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