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Logo trends 2020

The definitive list of 15 logo design trends for 2020

Logo Trends 2020
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Logo trends 2020: The definitive design trends for this year

As every year, we have new logo trends. Some of them continue from previous years, others emerge strongly in an innovative way.

Logo trends tend to be stable over time. A good brand image or visual identity can last for decades with minimal adjustments. But sometimes designers have to challenge themselves to create sleek modern designs.

A fresh and polished visual representation of logos and brand identity will give the brand a wide range of benefits: from recognition and memorability to audience loyalty. For more information, see our article on rebranding.

These trends illustrate where logo design is moving in the future. Understanding them will help you design amazing logos for the coming year and beyond.

The 2020 logo design trends are here and they look amazing, let’s see what they are all about!

1. Animated Logos and Animated Cartoon logos

Among the logo trends 2020 we can mention animated logos. These come in different variables: simple animations, typography animations or animated cartoons.

Simple or typographic animations are those logo animations in which there is a movement of some element. In general, they use the morphing technique (that is, the initial element is transformed into something else), but they can be animated in different ways.

Between the animated brand design trends for 2020 we can mention cartoon logos. These logos are relaxed and irreverent and are associated with fun and good cheer.

This type of logos is not for any type of brand. However, they can be very useful for those brands that want to be seen as cheerful and playful. A cartoon logo will generate love at first sight from potential customers.

This year, cartoon logos will not only be on top of the wave of logo trends, but will also be animated. Animation enhances the fun illustration effect and helps create a sense of closeness between brand and customer.

Animated cartoon logo trends 2020
Animated logo design trends 2020
Animated logo trends

2. Simplification

Minimalism is one of the top logo trends for 2020 (and on a lesser degree, brutalist design). With simple elements and clear fonts, a logo becomes easy to use in different settings, making it stand out on a large scale. In 2020 we will be able to see many logo designs using sans serif letters in a clean and harmonious way.

Simplification Logo Design Trends

3. Color gradients logos

Are minimalist logos not your thing? Like in years before, one of the logo trends 2020 is gradient logos!

These logos go from simple shapes to turn into complex and rich visual identities with a sense of sophistication and a break of uniformity. Smooth transitions between colors make the logo more deep and fascinating.

On one side, we will find multicolored gradients, combining bright and vivid colors that provide originality and innovation. And on the other side, analogous gradients, following a more limited color scheme to make it more interesting without losing the brand identity.

Gradient logo trends 2020
Gradient design trends
Great Logo Design: Dorve design trends

4. Vintage Cartoon Logos

Along with the neon colors of the ’80s and’ 90s, the vintage cartoon style, especially from the ’30s, seems to rank high on the logo trends 2020 chart.

Simple shapes, thick, unmodulated lines, and limited two-tone color palettes help create fun old-school images that unite nostalgia, authenticity, and uniqueness.

The idea behind this kind of logos is to bring back memories. Even though you have never seen these logos before, the techniques and visual associations trigger memories of youth or even a better, simpler past.

To achieve this, vintage logos make use of effects and textures that reminds those of screen printing, serigraphy, stencil and other analog technologies. Eroded text, grunge patterns and textures are used in conjunction with clear, well defined lines and shapes.

Vintage Cartoon Logo trends
Vintage Cartoon 2020 Logos trends

5. Typography based

The typography based logos brings a conceptual change to the representation of words as visual representations, moving from the purely textual level to a more interesting, plenty of significants level. With daring typography based logos, the text becomes the image itself. Sort of Mac Luhan’s the medium is the message, only that this type the words are the message

Strange and unusual fonts will be used to highlight the brand’s uniqueness and stand out from other competitors in the market. Typically, logos based on typography also includes striking shapes and textures.

This is one of those design trends that come and go from the beginning of the history of graphic design. And for some strange reason or coincidence, the rise of these trends usually coincides with the end or beginning of the decades. Thus, it was a trend in 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2020, with the sole exception of the decade that started in 2010. A statistical curiosity.

NIN logo design
Example of this trend from the band Nine Inch Nails and its 1990’s record “Sin”
Daring typography logo trends 2020
Daring typography brand trends
Daring typography 2020 design trends

6. Chaotic Logos

The chaotic arrengement of logo designs is one of those bold logo trends that rebels against conventional norms. These logos are built to provide a sense of innovative personality, organized chaos and rebellion. They might be frisky and risky, or simply unconventional. Therefore, not recommended for any type of client. But it could be a good idea for any kind of business related to art (or that has an artsy side), fashion, media and in some cases, technology.

The controlled chaos or asymmetrical arrangement is like a neon sign that will trigger the attention of potential clients. However, as said above, this is not for everyone, and you shouldn’t go too deep into chaos, or you may risk turning your design into an unreadable mess.

Chaotic arrengement 2020 logo trends

7. Symbolic forms and icons

Symbolic shapes or icons aren’t exactly what we could call new logo design trends. However, in the new decade they are booming, basing its construction in entirely new perspectives and views. These views inherit from user interface trends such as Atomic, Material Design or the flat design trend,

These logo designs are based in the creation of simple, flat symbols and icons, which can interact organically with the rest of the design elements. For example: the wordmarks, the background, the interface, etc.. All of this while avoiding getting excessive attention or becoming too invasive. This way, we can get a holistic appearance and a subtle feeling that won’t go overboard.

Symbolic forms and icons logo trends
Symbolic forms and icons branding trends for 2020
James Howell Symbol

8. 3D and isometric logos

There is no reason to design only two-dimensional logos. Isometric perpective logos and 3D logos make use of the latest technologies in modern design.

These logos are recognized because they add a sense of threedimensional depth. This enriches the design with added complexity and sophistication, keeping viewers attentive. Also, they’re suitable for integration into different parts of a visual identity system, creating joyful scenarios for ads or even user interfaces.

In combination with other trends like gradients and bright colors, we think this is one of the top logo design trends in 2020.

3D and isometric logos brand trends
3D and isometric logos trends

9. Overlapping Multi-layered Logos

The main characteristic of these logos consists in the sophistication of fine lines, and the overlapping of such lines or multi-layered shapes. These characteristics provide new design options in modern logo trends.

Shapes combined with complex multi-layered overlay schemes provide an increasing sense of depth to the designs. This depth obviously has a semi-threedimentional feeling. However, unlike the 3D logo trends mentioned above, these logos don’t use real 3D, but they suggest a faux threedimensionality by using optical principles.

It is a great solution to highlight a brand, combining the superposition of layers with striking colors in order to obtain an original outcome.

Multi-layered & overlapping logos trends
Multi-layered & overlapping branding

10. Slim geometry and Impossible Spaces

Ultra slim geometry is related to the previous design trend. It’s elegant, abstract, and due to its obvious relation with very difficult to draw shapes, it’s very popular with technology and industrial brands.

These logo designs are based on geometry and old experimental designs from the fifties, creating a soothing balance between rigid and organized and ethereal.

Despite its super-modern, imposible-ish look, this style has deep roots in old school design , a trend we’ll see a lot in 2021 (mark my words!)

Ultra slim geometry logo
Ultra slim geometry branding
Image for 15 Logo Design Trends for 2020 24
The trend many believe to be impossible to replicate without a computer… in 1963 design. We didn’t invent anything!

11. Raw Logos

Raw logos (aka imperfect logos) reject the elegant and perfect look made possible by design programs and return us to sketchbooks. The secret for this logo trend is the use of controlled and studied principles such as asymmetry, irregular lines, and various shading techniques.

In this digital age, some designers are daring to explore the analogous roots of hand-drawn logos, only that using digital tools. Make no mistake: these logos are digital and vectorized. But as in any good logo design, they start from paper drawings and then they’re completed with digital vector tools.

Daring, edgy brands as well as classic and established brands can use this style as a display of authenticity. This is one of the design trends meant to rule brand design in upcoming years

Raw and imperfect 2020 logos trend
Raw and imperfect brand trend

12. Emblem designs

Simplification and minimalism are definitive trends that will grow in the next couple years. However, many brands will continue to use more classic designs without having to simplify them.

The emblems give an impression of timelessness, as well as caring about details and elegance. The ideals of a lost world in the shape of a logo.

A complex design can add sophistication to brands, making it especially appealing for some industries. But an emblem doesn’t need to be complicated at all, it could be extremely simple and minimalistic and still be effective!

Emblem designs logo
Emblem designs 2020 logo trend

13. Classic Blue

Color always matters. This is reflected by the Pantone Institute, who work on the study of colors for each year and its influence on the design and fashion industry.

While Pantone has an economic interest in these definitions and it really doesn’t mean anything at all, it’s a known fact that brand designers like to follow Pantone guidance. Therefore, it’s an authorized word we can’t just ignore.

In 2020, Pantone nominated PANTONE 19–4052 Classic Blue as 2020 color of the year. This might have influenced designers to dwelve into this color or similar hues. However, this is one of the most arguable logo design trends of 2020! Blue has ALWAYS been one of the most used colors in logos, so take this logo trend with a pinch of salt!

Classic Blue 2020 logo trend
Classic Blue branding
Airways symbol

14. Responsive logos

Design should focus not only on the memorable display of a product, but also on its efficiency and accessibility. Usability and user-friendly interface represents a key point when designing a project.

A responsive logo means it can adapt to any environment and device, whether it’s digital or analogic. Simply put: in 2020 designers have to create logos that looks just as good on the phone, tablet or computer screen.

Responsive logos 2020 brand trend
Responsive logos branding

15. Black and white logos

The logo design trend by definition. It will never go away, so we can predict it will be in vogue next year, in year 2030, and in year 2100.

Black and white logos are elegant and simple, and they work well with almost any design.

When designers work on brand creation or simple logo design, they create two versions of the same logo; one in color and one in black and white. However, a black and white version could be extremely powerful and there’s no need for any other decoration (if in doubt, ask Nike, Puma, Adidas and so on)

Black and white logos trend
Black and white branding
Gooden brand trend

Conclusion for Logo Trends 2020

Logo trends 2020 show a definitive shift to brand creation with roots on old school design, only that with firm feet on our times. Technology and software make possible to create things that were more difficult on previous years.

At the same time, new technological developments and new UX design requirements pose new challenges to designers. Simplicity, clean forms and highly recognizable shapes will gain momentum for massive brands. On the other hand, smaller business will probably dare into more complex logos. Hand drawn, impossible geometry, dream spaces… 2021 will be a great year for logo design!

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