Aureliana Branding

Brand design development born from a stylish logo

Aureliana Branding

We were tasked to create a new brand for Aureliana. This new brandmark is a high end, luxury clothing brand. The target for this new brand is young women and men (in a sub-brand), with a moderately high spending in clothes.

We embarked on this challenge studying an researching the above mentioned target, and also the competition. We started with the name itself. Aureliana is a female name in Spanish and Italian, and it’s also an ancient roman street that still exists. The Via Aureliana (or Aureliana Street) takes its name from its builder, Gaius Aurelius Cotta, a roman censor. Thus, we had these concepts: modern, luxury and classic.

Based on the concepts above, we created a very simple logo as part of a clean brand. Simple, slim lines that create both an A as well as the architectural squares and compasses used to build structures in ancient Rome. The logo is “broken” in order to create movement and a focal point on the thin lines.

The resulting logo is extremely simple (therefore, complicated).

Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.

Paul Rand

And despite its simplicity, it was created based on geometrical measures of real roman architecture, including what now we know as Golden Ratio. This gives a very elegant and classy style to the beautiful proportions of the logo

Aureliana branding

Aureliana Brand Design Explained

As mentioned above, the logo symbol uses the Golden Ratio proportions. You’ll see 2 circles in the construction of a rectilinear logo, which apparently doesn’t make sense. But those circles are the proportions of the Golden Ratio. And the measure of the lines that make up the logo design are contained by those circles of golden proportions.

The symbol we created for thsi brand design is modern and sophisticated. But also sober and classic, delicate and ethereal. With a feminine and elegant touch that generates a certain mystery, almost a logo that “is there but is not there”.

At the same time, the whole Aureliana branding is a tribute and a reference to Rome. This tribute is obviously reflected in the name, but also in the symbol, which anyone in Rome will recognize with the naked eye: it is a simplification of the Aurelian wall as it passes through the “Muro Torto” (see photo)

Aureliana brand design: The Muro Torto as represented in the logo
Photo: Andrea Jemolo for National Geographic

Brand design application

We created a whole brand design system, including the Aureliana Branding Book and guidelines to define how to use the brand in different contexts.

You can see some examples of the different brand design applications in the photo gallery below:

Aureliana Branding: Going further

While this was just an identity and branding task, the client was so excited with the results we’re now working on the development of an ecommerce website and app for online business. The website development is under construction by our sister company Dorve UX. On top of this, we’re working on textile designs for their 2020-2021 collection

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