Courvelle Brand Design

Visual identity and brand development for chemical company

Courvelle brand design . Packaging Sample

The Courvelle Brand Design is a beautifully designed brand with resemblances to sixties logo design.

We designed this brand for a chemical company specialized in the production of aromas and chemical products for perfumes. The company is located in Paris, and the client requested something that would distinguish the company from its competitors both locally and globally. The perfume industry often uses its thin serif font logos, almost a trademark of any perfume related brand in France.

One of the options was to use a script font, but we considered that we would fall back on another version of logos for perfume shops. This would have been the easy way: designing a brand based on what everyone else does. But that was not the customer’s request.

Because of this, we ventured into a strong and prominent logo, with more modern fonts, and more versatile applications

Logo and application in context

Courvelle Brand Design: Specifications

The following are the specifications of colors and usage for Courvelle brand design

Courvelle brand design specifications

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