Cyber Centaurs: Brand Development For Great Results

Cyber Centaurs Landing Page Web Design

Cyber Centaurs brand development and web design is an excellent sample of the results you may expect from a good rebranding.

We were working with Andrew for several years on its flagship company Data Analyzers. At some point, he faced a pretty tough problem: New competitors in its line of business were gaining momentum. With increased investments in SEO and brand redesigns, they were reducing the market share of their business.

However, the existing brand had a significant market share and the company did not want to risk the conversions we had achieved for their sites. Because of this, we decided to approach a brand-building strategy for one of the various segments of your company: computer security.

As you’ll see, the task itself was mid way between brand creation and rebranding.

Cyber Centaurs Brand Development

For this, the client provided us with the domain name that he already had registered. From there, the complete brand development was in our hands.

The original request included web design, landing pages, social media material and some stationery design.

To start, we started with a general look at the project, and the concept of digital centaurs that defended customer data, which was part of the design brief provided by the customer.

From there, we worked on different options, which included the concept of centaurs and protective shields.

Finally, we present 3 proposals, of which the one shown below remains: the centaur whose body is completed by two opposite letters C suggesting an infinity symbol. In addition, we decided that it was a dynamic logo. In this way, the logo is modified in small aspects according to the necessary use.


Cyber Centaurs brand development and web design


As an example of the dynamism of the logo, the logo sometimes completes the infinity symbol, sometimes uses the shield, or the shield forms an emblem with the pictorial mark.

In terms of colors, we decided to move away from the logic of “all business and computer sites should use blue” in order to make the brand stand out amongst competitors. Even when we later used the blue color in the development of different design elements, the chosen color was a dark violet (called Russian Violet), with details in white, bronze or gold, depending on the application.

The versatility of the logo excited the client, which gave us free rein for the full brand development originally arranged.

Web Design: A data driven approach to design

The company’s businesses are managed through the web. Therefore, the core of the entire project was the design of an application for the services offered and the web design of the site.

But as part of our extensive experience in UX, a good part of the construction of this online presence depended on the analysis of different heuristics, which gave us the data with which to work without the need to guess.

For this we developed small mini sites and landing pages where we could see the points of interest of the users, as well as the pain points. Once we had these micro sites, we investigated using remote techniques (specifically user behavior heatmaps and surveys) and local (face-to-face questionnaires and usability tests).

Prior to this, we analyzed the competition and what they were doing in terms of marketing strategies, visual identity, SEO, and other heuristics of interest.

With both parts of the investigation, we cross-linked the data in order to have a data driven version that we could perform quickly and with minimal risk of failure.

Cyber Centaurs Brand development and Web Design: Heatmap Research

Example of heatmap research on web design

Additional Brand Development: Promo, Reporting and Stationery Design

Finally, with the website designed and developed, we face the final part of promotional material (banners for social media, vinyl posters, stickers, etc.). At that time we were also required to add design for reports and user cases, as well as other materials such as editable pptx files and stationery design.

You can see some of the examples and photos of what we developed on this page, but the extent of the work is not reflected in the number of examples we added in this page. Instead of filling a page with hundreds of photos, we only include an example for the different types of designs we make for Cyber ​​Centaurs.

Additional Branding Services

Outside of what is strictly brand development or even rebranding, we carried out work related to the brand’s marketing strategy. Obviously, all the promotional material and the website are the main part of that strategy. But we also include considerations such as page speed optimization, creating a much better server system than they had, additional security (after all, it’s a computer security company!) and many other details related to website SEO . And therefore, of the development of the brand.


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