Gooden Branding

How to build a brand from classic to modern

Branding Strategy for Gooden

We had to build the new image of an old bicycle company which was a bit concerned about being outdated for new generations. This was specially important for them because their bikes are very advanced, so they needed a facelift

  • We built the brand around the following needs:
  • apparel for brand
  • outdoor advertising
  • stationery design
  • brand marketing for ads and social media
  • logo design
  • branding strategy

Gooden Branding: How to build a brand from classic to modern

As you can see, we chose a hue of blue shades, as requested by the client. The main part of the brand is a symbol made with bicycle chain links that represent a bycicle gear as well as a G letter.

Below you can see the basic construction of the logo, usage and colors,, and how we slightly moved the upper shapes to achieve a better optical effect (coincidentally, the same Google did with its new logo)

logo geometry construction

We chose blue for their brand because of a client’s personal taste, but the dark shades have a tint of green to provide more character.

For Gooden rebranding, we wanted to transmit a simple concept: BIKES. But their bikes are fast and light weight. And also classic. So we wanted to provide an association between the blue and greenish blue with air, lightness and outdoors, as well as a classic feeling. Which we feel we achieved perfectly

This symbol logo is the pillar of the brand, and so we used it on each and every branding piece. Including ads, bike gear and clothes and even their logistic.

Gooden Branding Examples

Logo versions and colors

Gooden Branding. logo versions and colors

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