Le Chat Noir: New Brand Creation and Development

From logo design to packaging, from naming to advertising.

Le Chat Noir Street Advertisement Campaign

We were in charge of the brand creation and development for Le Chat Noir.

The whole brand development included naming, image design, packaging design, advertising, social media and many more marketing strategies.

Brand strategy

Bodegas Del Viento is a young firm owned by a group of young entrepreneurs. This group of entrepreneurs have family ties with wine elaboration, so they’re not exactly newcomers. Quite the contrary, they grew up in the business, so they know it in depth.

They asked us to develop a brand from scratch. They had the product, but they wanted to aim to new age and geographical demographic targets.

Fine wines have a solid demographic presence between people aged 30-50, and they wanted to target a relatively untapped market: people between 20 and 30, with a lower income.

They were ready to boost an aggressive price campaign to help with the price tag. But they needed help with everything else related to a new brand creation. Starting by the very beginning: naming process.

Brand creation process: From naming to advertising

Being a new product that wants to impose itself on a young target, our first options were the words rupture and disruption. We wanted something that was classic and elegant, that did not stop being perceived as a fine wine, but that was not perceived as an unattainable product either.

Naming process

The naming strategy is a complex and long process, so we are not going to describe it in its entirety. To summarize, we had some concepts, among which the characteristics of the wine stood out (a red, almost black wine, typical of the Malbec strain), the concept of youth, and a touch of classicism.

With these brand concepts, we developed the idea of ​​“rebellion”, which led us to the idea of ​​a black sheep as a comprehensive superconcept. However, the first investigations told us that there was already a similar brand in one of the markets where we wanted to compete.

Therefore, we moved from a black sheep to a black cat. The black cat is a superstition that represents bad luck in many cultures. But at the same time, laughing at that superstition is a symbol of rebellion in the same cultures.

With the idea of ​​the black cat, we decided that to give it a more sophisticated feature, we would call it “Le Chat Noir” (“The Black Cat” in French).

Although there was a longer process, in short, this concludes the naming strategy for the product.

Visual identity development and logo design

Once we had the name, and with the brief that summarized the concepts we were looking for, we had to develop the brand’s visual identity.

As in any brand creation process, we started with the logo design.

Following the same logic of rebellion and disruption, we had to “destroy” or “intervene” the concept of a fine wine with a French name. For which, we decided to use letters with an almost “punk” aesthetics, but at the same time, without being so. Just a suggestion of the idea of ​​such aesthetics.

And regarding the logo … what can be more disruptive than a black cat that is actually white?

We simply consider the following: wine is black, and we want that message to get across. We could make a black logo with a different color background. But the simplicity of the idea that the black cat is white seemed perfect to us. And so the client considered it, who fell in love with the idea just listening to it.

Le Chat Noir logo design
Logo design: creation of symbol by Gestalt Law of Closure and reification

And how to integrate the wine into the logo design? If you look closely, the cat is not complete, but in a process called reification (one of the bases of Gestalt), we generate a negative space (eg: REBEL) with a shape of a glass of wine. Which, of course, is filled with the black color representing the black wine.

Not enough concept? Well, this logo design goes quite deep in significants. The negative space doesn’t form just a glass of wine. By keeping it open, we suggested a C shape. Not only that. We made the paw look like a serif, so if you “close” the gap of the C, you will see a lowercase N letter.

Brand creation and development: Advertising

So we created a fresh, fun, irreverent and youthful brand that meets all customer requirements. But of course, what is the use of having an excellent brand and product if nobody knows?

Due to this, we developed a brand strategy that was based on 3 pillars: graphic, audio advertising (radio, Spotify and podcasts) and a social media marketing strategy.

As a central idea, we developed a slogan that says “Un clásico rebelde” (which translates to “a classical rebel” or “a typical rebel”). In Spanish the phrase makes much more sense than in English, and is a play on words with several signifiers.

This slogan was used in graphic and audio advertising, and was part of the aforementioned social media strategy, including a series of memes and a contest for “rebel classics”.

The advertising campaign was an absolute success, to the point that the company had to cancel it for not having enough production to supply demand.

A toast to success!

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