Schafer initial ideas

Schafer Branding and Logo Creation: Details and construction of brand and identity for Schafer insurance company, including usage examples and guidelines.

Schafer is an insurance company based in Argentina. They wanted an easy to remember logo and some guidance on the usage of their brand identity to be translated to their upcoming promotional pieces as well as its social media and online presence.

The only special requirement was to use blue in the logo. Other than that, we were told to do anything we considered necessary. The concept of the logo is a play with the S letter representing a sheet of paper (the policy) that lowers high risks (the blue “arrow” on the left) to transform them in low risks (the right blue shape pointing downwards)

Schafer full colour logo


Overall, the client was so satisfied they also asked us to develop the SEO and web design for Schafer’s new online presence, plus the design of a mobile app to help their users get a fast and easy user experience. This kind of work is done by our sister companies Dorve and Flamine

Schafer Branding

The following is a description of logo usage for Schafer brand identity

Schafer Branding

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