SCRA Web Design and Brand Development

SCRA brand development and web design

We did a whole new brand development for SCRA (US Servicemembers Civil Relief Act), a service that helps US veterans get a relief on different economical aspects.

When they approached us, they wanted to hire us because of our web design and UX expertise.

However, after a refactoring of what they had, we offered to develop a brand for the entire service. They desperately needed a rebranding strategy as well as a good identity redesign. In addition to the UX, SEO and Page Speed Optimization considerations for which they originally sought us.

Contrary to what we expected (long comings and goings and bureaucracy), the proposal was accepted almost immediately. Partly because as part of the UX research we did with Dorve UX, one of the observed heuristics was low brand recognition.

In summary: once we knew the scope of the project, we were able to design its new brand image, which consisted of a new logo design to start with. Then we continue with a comprehensive development of the visual identity, including colors, fonts, tone of the information, images for articles, material for social media, stationery, etc.

SCRA Web Design and Development

With all these elements, we were able to develop a custom website using the WordPress engine, only with a theme specially developed for SCRA. This site is the “visible face” of the service, but the backend consists in a web app made in Ruby on Rails. Obviously, we had to adapt the look and feel of the application to the new image identity.

The website includes and easy to use custom backend so people with different skill sets can use it immediately. Simply put: just write and press a button, the system will handle it.

The frontend we designed and developed seamlessly connects with their backend, which was quite a challenge, since we didn’t have access to the backend. While this wasn’t very important since we weren’t required to touch their backend, it represented an additional issue to consider. Nevertheless, we successfully connected both and skinned their backend

SCRA Brand Development: logo design

The former logo for SCRA was very difficult to recognized or even view at some sizes. It was a combined logo that used an emblem, a logotype and a lettermark, all of them together at the same time. So we designed a new logo using a letter mark and a Gestalt based pictorial mark in order to create an easy to recognize emblem that works everywhere.

SCRA brand development: rebranding before and after

As you can see, the old logo had many different elements and it was very difficult to read. The rebranding made it simple and elegant, including the stripes and a negative space star on top of the acronym. Needless to say it was an immediate success, both for SCRA board as for SCRA users.

You can see different usage versions in the image below:

scra brand development: rebranding


The experience of working with SCRA was a wonderful experience, where we had creative freedom and our suggestions were heard, but also discussed in order to improve the service. It is worth noting the invaluable help of the SCRA technical team, which seems to work 24 hours and was always attentive and ready to improve every aspect of the project.

In summary: although most of the work was done by our parent company Dorve UX, we believe that the rebranding work deserves to be exhibited at Brandelk. Not only for the quality of the work, but also as a sample of the synergy of our different companies and how the different disciplines that we manage promote brand development for our clients.

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